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Video clips
Please take a look at the following video clips at your convenience.

     Fire Hydrant Inspection Flow Test

     Fire Hydrant Testing

     Kennedy K-10 Hydrant Repairs

     Out of Service Fire Hydrant

     Damaged Fire Hydrant Flange

     Fire Hydrant Cracked Bonnet Assembly

     Fire Hydrant Main Operating Valve Repairs #1

     Fire Hydrant Main Operating Valve Repairs #2

     Damaged Operating Stem Nut

     Damaged Hydrant with Vertical Split


Frozen Hydrant Discovered


Flushing and Flow Testing


Leaking Main Valve


Why Inspect and Maintain Hydrants?


Hydrant Inspection and Leak Discovered


Exercising a Hydrant Valve


Iron Buildup Within a Hydrant


Fire Hydrant Below Level Grade

     Vehicular Damage to a Hydrant

     Removal of Internal Debris

     Dislodged Fire Hydrant Nozzle Outlet


Fire Hydrant Internal Inspection


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