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About Us


Matt is a career firefighter/paramedic with more than 11 years of experience dealing with fire hydrants.  He is a certified National Fire Protection Association Inspector I/II.  His experience with fire hydrants was strengthened while working on the hydrant division of a Class II city.  During that time, he was trained in many aspects of water utility work and became an IDEM-Certified Large Water Distribution Systems Operator.  His duties included: inspection/maintenance, repairs, replacements, painting, flushing, and flow testing of public municipal fire hydrants.  Now, he has dedicated is time away from the fire department to ensuring the usablity of all fire hydrants through the efforts of the company he co-founded: KMP Hydrant Services, LLC.  


Kris is a career firefighter/paramedic with nearly 17 years experience dealing with fire hydrants.  He also gained experience working with water distribution systems and fire hydrants in general, as the supervisor of the fire hydrant division of a Class II city.  Working in that capacity, he oversaw all activities of the hydrant division comprising the municipal fire hydrants of that system.  He continud his vision of ensuring the usability of all fire hydrants by co-founding the company, KMP Hydrant Services, LLC.      




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